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Sing Along Song | 8th Day | Instrumental Track-Playback

Tempo 160 BPM Tone C major
  +3 Additional Keys $25.00
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2 Audio Formats Available To Download:

MP3 (320 Kbps) - 44 Khz - 16 Bits-Stereo - Highest Render Audio Quality

WAV - 44 Khz -16 Bits-Stereo Uncompressed PCM

When purchasing this Instrumental Track (in the original Key),

you will be able to download the following additional keys without any extra cost,

in the same audio quality, exported one by one directly from the Cubase Project:


The tones marked with an asterisk * are recommended for Women Singing



 * Sing-Along Song-8th Day-Plus Halftone-C Sharp Major-160 BPM-Playback

Sing-Along Song-8th Day-Plus 1 Tone-D Major-160 BPM-Playback

Sing-Along Song-8th Day-Plus 1.5 Tones-D Sharp Major-160 BPM-Playback