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 1.1 Welcome to All Playbacks (the site). Powered by Rafael Soffer and serves as a store of electronic commerce purchasing products by the public online.
The beginning of the use of the site and its contents imply consent and approval to the provisions of these terms and conditions, if you do not agree to the terms, please do not use any site.



The reproductions are the private property of the owners of the site and should not be commercialized

The sale of our tracks to a third party is prohibited

Sharing our Instrumental Tracks is strictly prohibited.



Private customer, institution, school Producer who bought an Instrumental Track, 

and want to use it again for another recording session,

must pay the re-use fee again.

Unable to private client, institution,

School Producer who bought playback on the site to share or transfer to another person,

If anyone else wants the playback they have to pay the price listed on the site.



After purchasing the playback and downloading any Instrumental Track to your computer

The transaction cannot be cancelled, no returns or devolutions accepted.


The site works under ACUM  (Israel's Music and Literary Rights Society) license,

12%  of every Instrumental Track Sale will be transferred to ACUM 



All the contents offered on this website are fully licensed by rights holders involved, including Writers, 
Publishers and Collecting Societies


Reuse of Instrumental Tracks for commercial purposes:


The Reuse fee is 15  $ US Dollars (or 52 NIS, New Israeli Shekels).

In general, the acquisition of reproduction is intended for personal, private and non-commercial use.
The reuse of the Instrumental Track is only allowed for the Owners of the Recording Studios
who previously bought in a personal and direct way, that is, using their account at all-playbacks.com the Instrumental Track, and want to reuse it for another Recording,
with another client, or any other Professional Copywriter, Dee Jay, Music Producer, etc. 

This privilege is subject to the following conditions:

For each additional recording/replay of the recording studio (or any other Professional Copywriter, Dee Jay, Music Producer, etc.) to charge the customer an additional nominal fee of 52 NIS  (or 15 US$) that will be transferred to "All-playbacks.co.il".
Of this amount, 12% will be transferred to ACUM (Israel's Music and Literary Rights Society)


How to pay the 15 $ Reuse fee?

Please, follow the next steps:

1- log in 

2- be sure that your Shopping cart is empty.

3- search the Backing Track you want to pay the reuse:

4- Please click on Details
The following text (link to pay the reuse)  will appear:

"After your first purchase of this Backing Track, use this Payment Link to pay for each re-use. ATTENTION: This Link is valid only for the re-use of the Backing Track, not to download the Audio File (Mp3 file) For more information, read the "Terms of Use", in the left corner at the bottom of the page (Reuse) $15.00  

1.2 The provisions of these regulations apply to any use or purchase made by the customer is submitted (the purchaser of the product) and will form the legal basis for any discussion between him and Rafael Soffer.
Stated the terms of use of the masculine form for convenience only, and refers to women and men alike.

2.2 for each product offered for sale are the details of the product, including price.

2.3 for the purpose of booking a product you must first select your product. When you purchase has to provide details such as name and surname, address, email address, postal address, telephone number and valid credit card, so the user becomes the purchaser of the product. To the invitation will be carried out smoothly, you must make sure the correct information has been submitted to another Rafael Soffer cannot guarantee the acquisition. It should be clarified that the submission of false information here is a criminal offence and who does so, expect legal proceedings for criminal and civil.

2.4 On completion of the examination will be carried out credit card information, and confirmation by the credit card companies, will be given appropriate notice that the action is approved, the order will be registered in the website and server computers, Rafael Soffer. Product purchases charged for the cost of the product purchased by him, be made by credit card, after the action.

2.5 In the event that the transaction has not been approved by the credit card companies, the order does not come into effect and does not require Rafael Soffer to deliver the product. Beyond the aforementioned use, Rafael Soffer undertakes not to make any use of the information without your permission, unless required by law or to prevent abuse. Rafael Soffer will allow access only to those employees who need the information in order to provide the service.

3.1 Rafael Soffer customary precautions taken to keep the information confidential. Any transfer of a credit card from the website is encrypted according to the standard, but the existence of cases beyond their control and/or resulting from force majeure, Rafael Soffer shall not be liable for any damages of any kind, direct or indirect, caused to you and/or anyone on your behalf if this information lost or if its unauthorized use.

3.2 e-mail address of the purchaser of the product will be sent updates of new products and advertising content that may be of interest to purchase the product by the site operators. If "rocs product "is not interested in receiving updates as mentioned above, Rafael Soffer he sends a message via the contact page and asks all.playbacks.israel@gmail.com address explicitly download its name from the mailing list.

4.1 Rafael Soffer will not be responsible for any delay in delivery and/or non-delivery caused by a server failure, site failure in some other communication, force majeure and/or events that are not under the control of Rafael Soffer including strikes and the like. It is important to be clear: there is no obligation on our part to provide a response any time and at any time. Therefore, when purchasing Please Playback via the website that the operating hours of the Helpdesk, you must take into account that if any failure occurred, it will be handled only upon the next renewal of the center's activity.

4.3 times the supply of products/services as they are indicated on the site includes only the mode of calculating business days. (Sundays through Thursdays, excluding Fridays, Saturdays, holiday eves and holidays).

4.4 shipping fee will be paid together with the payment for the product. Installment sale, Rafael Soffer will charge the fee has been shipping fees first.

5. The policy Bitolim-
All on-site product buyer may cancel the transaction in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act - 1981. It should be clarified that when the product is sold and the file is automatically transferred immediately upon execution of the transaction to the buyer the product, apply to the transaction following conditions: a. If the product has not yet been delivered and/or sent to the purchaser of the product, then it would be entitled to make purchases for 14 days after making a purchase on the site, in accordance with and subject to the Consumer Protection Law. B. If the product has been delivered/transferred/ sent to the purchaser of the product, then it will not be able to return to make purchases and will have fully paid for the product purchased.

6.1 purchase the product, is unfit to perform legally binding. If you are a minor (under 18) or you are not entitled to perform legal acts without the consent of a guardian, will see the use of the site as if you have your guardian's approval.

 Without limiting the foregoing, there will be Rafael Soffer, the ability to prevent the purchaser of the product, from purchasing products on the site, using his blocking any of the following:

Product purchases made an illegal act and/or contravenes the provisions of the law.

Product purchases violated the conditions of the regulations.

Purchase the product stated upon registration and/or after the phone has incorrect information intentionally.

Purchase the product performed an act or omission that harms Rafael Soffer or the proper operation of the site and/or any of its agents and/or any third party.

Intends to purchase the product, re-sell the product or service that wins the third party and/or trade in any way or form.

7. Rafael Soffer is the sole decision makers on the content of their site and reserves the exclusive right to add or subtract and/or change products and services from the site, as well as change product prices at any time without prior notice, according to their choice and only they see fit.

9. If the mistake in the description of the product, it shall not bind Rafael Soffer. Product images on the Website are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the pictures on the site, in part or in whole, and the products are actually sold. The purchaser of the product read carefully the product information before making the purchase.

10.rocs product declares that he will not have or someone on his behalf any claim or suit against Rafael Soffer, owners and/or employees and/or operators and/or any third party related to the site, and is hereby exempts them from any responsibility for any damage that may be caused, directly or indirectly, in respect of a product and / or service, including due to usability, quality, nature, use, and / or a delay in providing it.

11. If the buyer asks for the product to turn for help and/or clarification, and/or any request, it will face the operators of the site through the contact page appears in the site menu, and formulate a short message to the operators of the website in which he sets out his will. Rafael Soffer will return as possible as quickly as possible with any reaction before it was done but do not guarantee response time to inquiries.

12. Copyright Rafael Soffer. Do not shoot, copy, reproduce, record, and no commercial use without the prior approval in writing from studios Solaris.

13. The regulations may be changed at any time by Rafael Soffer and exclusive discretion.

Site staff wishes you a safe and pleasant shopping.