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About us

All-Playbacks is  a Backing Tracks (Soundtracks) music internet virtual store  who sale professional quality backing tracks,

the site  is "On Air" over 8 years.

All-Playbacks has over 3,000 israeli - jewish playbacks of all styles and times, they are ready for secure download immediately and directly to the computer of our customers.
The site is programmed in a very friendly to purchasing, is a pleasant experience quick and very simple.

The site is managed and operated by Rafael a music producer and song-writer.


Rafael Soffer was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1974. 

At the beginning of the 90's he began his professional
career, composing and producing songs for different
singers and musical groups.


Since 1992, he produced many bands, soundtracks,
Jingles and commercials, for television and radio, 
first in Uruguay (winning 2 Golden Bells, advertising
awards which were given in Uruguay), and then on
soundtracks for  "Universal" and "Jerry Bruckheimer", 
as well as in various projects for advertising companies
 for Germany, Israel, Russia and most recently, 
Spain and France.

From 2005 until today, Rafael super processor and a music producer nationalist children the best in the country as well as television channels, among them: Aortz hop songs Baby and Omni children as Tuvia Zafir, Rinat Gabay, David Life, Hslglim, Kobi Mahat, Michal Yanai and more.

The site is programmed in a very friendly way, to enable  the customer a quick, simple and very pleasant buying experience.