Once you want to Reuse a Backing Track,
you have to pay a 15 $ (USD) fee,

how it works?

(Please, follow the next steps)

1- log in 

2- be sure that your Shopping cart is empty.

3- search the Backing Track you want to pay the reuse:

4- Please click on Details
The following text (link to pay the reuse)  will appear:

"After your first purchase of this Backing Track, use this Payment Link to pay for each re-use. ATTENTION: This Link is valid only for the re-use of the Backing Track, not to download the Audio File (Mp3 file) For more information, read the "Terms of Use", in the left corner at the bottom of the page (Reuse) $15.00  




Reuse of Instrumental Tracks for commercial purposes:

In general, the acquisition of reproduction is intended for personal, private and non-commercial use.
The reuse of the reproduction is only allowed for the owners of the recording studios who acquire the Instrumental Track and want to reuse it for another recording, with another client.
This privilege is intended only for owners of recording studios, subject to the following conditions: 

For each additional recording / replay of the recording studio to charge the customer an additional nominal fee of 50 NIS  (or 15 US$) that will be transferred to "All-playbacks.co.il".
Of this amount, 12% will be transferred to ACUM (Israel's Music and Literary Rights Society)

The reproductions are the private property of the owners of the site and should not be commercialized.

It is forbidden to replace with another reproduction,
reproduction should not be shared with a third party or third party
that is not related with the specific production
| for which you purchased Reproduction.