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How to pay the reuse fee?

How to pay the $25  USD reuse fee?


1- Login to your account on the web-site (

2- Be sure that your Shopping cart is empty.

3- Search for the Playback you want to pay for the reuse. (it has to be a playback that you bought previously).

4- Please click on "More details", the following text (link to pay the reuse) will appear:

"After your first purchase of this Backing Track, use this Payment Link to pay for each re-use. ATTENTION: This Link is valid only for the re-use of the Backing Track, not to download the Audio File (Mp3 file) For more information, read the "Terms of Use", in the left corner at the bottom of the page (Reuse) $25 USD. 

5- Click on it, and proceed to pay.


You can check the Terms of use by clicking on the following link:


 Reuse of a playback.

In general, the playback is intended for a one time personal, private and non-commercial use.

The reuse fee is $ 25 USD.


Reuse fee policy for private costumers:

5.1   An individual, institution, school, or producer who bought a Playback on the site and wants to use it again to record another song has to pay a reuse fee.

5.2   It is not possible for an individual, institution, school, or producer who bought a Playback on the site, to share or pass on to another person. If someone else wants to use the playback, s/he must purchase directly from the website at the full price listed on the website.

5.3   If you record the same song in 2 versions, for example in Hebrew and English, there is no need to pay for reuse, but if the additional version is for profit, for each additional version the reuse fee must be paid.

5.4   A singer who purchases a playback for a public performance, does not have to pay the reuse fee.

5.5  If the use of the playback is for Koolulam (a recorded group singing), then the regular price of the playback should be paid for each performance.


Reuse fee policy for recording studio owners:


5.6  Recording studios that buy a Playback for recording for a specific client receive a special benefit to record for another customer.

This privilege is subject to the following conditions:

For each additional recording/replay of the recording studio (or any other Professional Copywriter, DJ, Music Producer, etc.)  charge the customer an additional nominal fee of $25 USD that will be transferred to 
Of this amount, 12% will be transferred to ACUM (Israel's Music and Literary Rights Society)

This special benefit can be used under the following conditions:

1. Every recording of a song has to be paid for, even for non-profit use. Only in the case of a charity and the recording is done without fee, we are ready to contribute the Playback.

2. Eligibility for reuse price only exists when the studio originally bought the Playback directly from the site or by bank transfer at the regular price. (i.e., the original price listed on the Website),

3. Do not issue (give or send) to the customer the Playback separately from the song. A customer who wants the Playback separately, must purchase the Playback from the site at the full price.

4. For a customer who wants to practice with the Playback before recording, it is possible to send him the Playback, only with the notice of all rights reserved to the Playback, every 10 seconds, in the form of a recording that we will send you to put on the Playback.

5. Reuse fee is only for recordings by private customers, songs of schools, summer camps, etc.
If the recorded song is for external production or commercial use, (e.g. renting the recorded song to institutions, etc.), it is on your customer to pay the full price, by purchasing the Playback on the site,

6. A singer who owns a recording studio, who purchases a Playback for recording a song, and then uses the Playback to perform in public, undertakes to pay for one-time reuse.

7. Payment must be transferred for reuse, even when used only in a chorus or in a string and even in a small part of the Playback.

8. The reuse benefit is only when you are sure that you have purchased the Playback directly from the site.