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Backing Track on demand

Production of a new playback on demand:

Who doesn't love to sing?

We all sing in the shower, on our way to school, to work or when we put our kids to sleep at night.
Sometimes we sing with our friends on a show, in a club, at a party, on a birthday, a wedding or a Bar Mitzva.
On these occasions, a nice voice wouldn't be enough. We would probably need a musical accompaniment for our singing voice.
If we are lucky and our friends are musicians, they may be willing to accompany us with live guitar or piano. But on most cases these will be nobody to help us.

This is why the Playback was invented!

What is a Playback?

A playback is the recording of the music that accompanies the singer on the song you're hearing on the radio or on YouTube - But without the singer!
Unlike the slides with the lyrics that accompany the MC or the host at the sing-a-long gatherings or the lyrics that progresses with the music on the screen at the karaoke club, a professional playback is characterized by professional musical performance, an almost sound-a-like arrangement and a professional mix.
Of course, you don't require your friends help or dragging and paying musicians to come and perform with you.
A playback doesn't have a bad day and it will never play out of key or surprise you...
You can burn in it on a disc or download it to a disc on ley, save on your computer and send by e-mail.
How much will it cost us?
Between 200-4000 Shekels (nis) + VAT, depending on the complexity of the song, its demand and the time of work required on preparing it.

So why is this business so expensive?

Expensive is of course a matter of relativity, but in order to produce for you a  high quality playback, we require hours of work from a musician, writing down a score (the notes and chords of the song), creating a new arrangement (if we would like to change the known version of the song), playing various musical instruments, computer programming, recording of musicians, a mix by a sound engineer at a recording studio - and more. All this costs money...

And will I receive a high quality playback?

The playbacks produced at Solaris Studios are well known for their high quality.
Rafael Soffer and Solaris Studios are working for many years with the best artists in Israel and produced shows, albums and singles for Israel and for the world.
We can also take advantage of the improvement of the digital equipment and the quality of the musical samples available at the worlds' music market and use them on our playbacks production.
You can also find, of course, acoustic instruments at Solaris Studios and we use our musicinans to record live instruments when ever needed.

I've been told that you can simply take off the singer from the existing song. Is it true?

Definitely not! Even if we are able to so called clean and take out the singer from the song, some of the vocals will always remain in different spots and the sound quality will be severely damaged!
And if I bought a playback from you and suddenly discovered that the key is too high of low for me and I can not sing it?
If the the playback was produced in our studio by digital means only, we will have the original midi files and we will be able to adjust the playback to any required key.
However, in case of playbacks that have been recorded by live instruments (or digital and live instruments) we wouldn't advise to change to key in more then 1.5 tones to avoid a loss in the sound quality.
What if I wrote a song and I would like you to produce a playback for me? How much will it cost?
As said before, Solaris Studios can produce for you any playback you desire, according to your specifications, arrangement and production you require.
I've been offered by others to produce playbacks for me for a lower price....
Its possible. We don't purport to be the cheapest. 
But we don't compromise on quality.
A playback on demand is a not a shelf product and it depends on the people who manufacture it: The arranger's abilities, the quality of the performance, the programming, the sound engineer, the studio and sound, the equipment, the professional experiance of the studio and its employees, Etc.

Our portfolio speaks for itself!