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4:54 Minutes

Veheishiv - Beri Weber - Instrumental Track


Instrumental Track


Original song Sample



72 BPM


E minor

  • Tempo Change

  • MP3 + WAV

  • +11 Additional Keys

  • Drum Channel

When purchasing this playback (in its original key) you can,

with no additional cost, download directly from the website: 


11 additional keys with the same audio quality:


Files marked with: * are keys recommended for women.

Files marked with: ** are keys recommended for children.



Highest quality MP3 and/or WAV formats:


MP3 file (320 Kbps) - 44 Khz - 16 Bit - Stereo - Highest Render Audio

WAV - 44 Khz -16 Bit - Stereo Uncompressed PCM.



Drum Channel Stem (separately):


It is strictly forbidden to use the drum channel stem (available for download in certain products),
as part of the production of a new playback, which may be offered for sale on another site,
or for private sale in general.


Terms of use and purchase on website.



Tempo Change:

You can request a speed change in one key at no additional cost.
It is possible to change up to 10% of the original. For example,
a playback whose speed is 100 BPM,
can be sped up to 110 BPM or slowed down to 90 BPM
without using a time stretching process.


Note: All our playbacks are kept faithful to the original  Veheishiv  .
Some playbacks were recorded with additional live instruments.


List of key sets available for download directly from the website:



**   Veheishiv-Beri Weber-Minus 2 Tones-C Minor-72 BPM-Playback

Veheishiv-Beri Weber-Minus 1.5 Tones-D Flat Minor-72 BPM-Playback

Veheishiv-Beri Weber-Minus 1 Tone-D Minor-72 BPM-Playback

Veheishiv-Beri Weber-Minus Halftone-E Flat Minor-72 BPM-Playback



Veheishiv-Beri Weber-Plus Halftone-F Minor-72 BPM-Playback

Veheishiv-Beri Weber-Plus 1 Tone-F Sharp Minor-72 BPM-Playback

*   Veheishiv-Beri Weber-Plus 1.5 Tone-G Minor-72 BPM-Playback

Veheishiv-Beri Weber-Plus 2 Tones-G Sharp Minor-72 BPM-Playback

Veheishiv-Beri Weber-Plus 2.5 Tones-A Minor-72 BPM-Playback

Veheishiv-Beri Weber-Plus 3 Tones-A Sharp Minor-72 BPM-Playback

Veheishiv-Beri Weber-Plus 3.5 Tones-B Minor-72 BPM-Playback

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